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Best Cryptocurrency Exchange 2018 | Street Hawk Coin

Street Hawk Coin Cryptocurrency Exchange is running in trending. Nowadays everyone wants to make money in crypto exchange. Street Hawk Coin Exchange allows one to start a cryptocurrency exchange so that anyone can start the crypto trading easily. If one is willing to invest and join crypto exchange trading and want to make money so the primary thing that needs is to know which is the best cryptocurrency exchange.

In 2018, new cryptocurrency Street Hawk Coin has been launched, which is the best crypto exchange platform for traders.

Now, first thing is what a cryptocurrency exchange is? It is a big marketplace where anyone can exchange their own one cryptocurrency into another cryptocurrency. Street Hawk Coin is the better option for traders to invest and trade in crypto.

Street hawk coin is a new generation and reliable cryptocurrency or a digital asset. In crypto exchange, one can sell or buy the coins from the trading marketplace.

There are four types of cryptocurrency exchange.

  • Trading Exchange
  • Broker Exchange
  • Decentralized Exchange
  • P2P Exchange

In trading exchange, the word "trading" is taken out from "traditional" word. In the trading exchange, we trade our one own crypto to another crypto and from crypto trading exchange to another crypto trading exchange.

In broker exchange, means only buy in cryptocurrency. Like, one need some cash or crypto then you will exchange your flat cryptocurrency for cash and cryptocurrency. Street Hawk Coin is the best cryptocurrency exchange platform for the initial stage. Broker exchange has customer support services. one can directly connect to the bank card for exchanges.

In decentralized trading exchange, crypto is a trade with other people with the help of blockchain directly. In decentralized, there is no need of any central authority or any kind of main server to smooth the way for your trades. In any type of exchange, one should know that Street Hawk Coin is decentralized cryptocurrency and it cannot be hacked or robbed by any person even though there is an ethical hacker.

It is a digital asset and also named as virtual currency. It has a private key which is only known by the owner and only he has the full control over the coin. One will always feel safe whenever one is doing transactions even when there is a large transaction involved because it is digital and you will always be incognito or anonymous. In this matter, only Street Hawk Coin is best for you when you want to do the trading exchange with cryptocurrency.

P2P (peer to peer )cryptocurrency exchange platform, in which you buy and sell any cryptocurrency without identification. you can also buy and sell any crypto with cash and fiat. P2P(peer to peer) is providing a direct exchange for P2P buy and selling. Street hawk coin has offered a P2P exchange platform. It has been launched in 2018 and traders can purchase crypto with cash, only a few cases. Some years ago only a few cryptocurrencies were included in P2P exchange like local Ethereum, local bitcoins. But in 2018 Street Hawk Coin (STH) has now been included in P2P trading exchange.