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Street Hawk Coin - The New Cryptocurrency of 2018

Most of the cryptocurrencies since January have shack even more as compared to last year, but a few have outshouted STH. The few that are in the green, such as ontology (up 110%) are only up and the reason being they weren’t introduced till 2018 was well ongoing. Had ontology, which has been launched last year, and it was airdropped to NEO holders, there’s every possibility it too would be in the red.

All the cryptocurrencies that were trading at the start of this year, only just two assets are in the green. Bytom which is Chinese altcoin is up 2% and Digixdao, a gold-backed token, is now up 13% in the last three months, and Neither of these two coins has produced the sort of return. In fact, the hodl strategy which means holding the cryptocurrency rather than selling it is been one of the worst strategies a trader could have dropped for. The adequate strategy would have convoluted one of the following altcoins.

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